Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unseen Terror - "Human Error"

When I was first discovering punk rock and metal, there wasn't too many places around where I live that had that sort of music. We had a Record Bar at the mall, we had Dad's CD's (now sadly gone), and about a half hour away we had Back Door Records. It was at this store that you could find some obscure metal gems. The first things I remember ever getting from there was a tape copy of Slayer's "Reign In Blood", a cd version of Terrorizer's "World Downfall" (and how much those fucking albums destroy is surely documented elsewhere all over the 'net), and this, a tape by an unknown british band by the name of Unseen Terror. Back then I knew that Shane Embury was bassist in the mighty Napalm Death, so when I saw this tape and saw him listed as drummer I had to check it out. I bought it, took it home, and played it so much, well, it broke. Thank Cthulhu for the information age, where everything is digital, so I can listen to this album again and again. It is 20 songs of politically charged grind, when grind wasn't fucking stupid gurgle vocals and the like. Besides featuring Shane Embury of N.D., it also features Mitch Dickenson of Heresy on guitar and vocals, so if members of Napalm Death and Heresy doing fast, punkish grind is your thing then you have hit the jackpot! Did I mention they also have songs about Garfield?

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