Thursday, November 25, 2010

Obliveon - "Whimsical Uproar"

Here is an early demo by Canada's Obliveon, who seem to have went straight into obscurity before finally meeting their own oblivion. An obvious comparison upon first listen is to early Voivod, but there's something else lurking in these four songs. I always thought it sounded like Voivod and "Persecution Mania" era Sodom, but i'll leave that for you all to decide. I think this demo destroys. The musicianship is incredible, the riffs rule, it's fast and uncompromising, and one of the lyrics is "science should be used to help us screw" can you resist? And also, check out the neck snapping fastness at 1:10 in the first song. THAT is goddamn brutal. Unfortunately, this band didn't release too much else, their first LP is called "From This Day Forward" and it really sounds like they were trying to be more tech than thrash. It has some good songs, but this demo is really the best thing they did.