Saturday, November 6, 2010

Voivod - "Killing Technology"

Why have I never extoled the virtues of Canada's Voivod before? It was an oversight which i will remedy now. This is their 3rd full length album from 1986, entitled "Killing Technology". It is what I like to think of as geek metal: excellent, headbanging riffs,blazing solos, bass and drums bashing along at punk tempos with very distinct timing changes, and lyrics about sci-fi themes. I like to think that I could sit in a basement in 1986, with a nice hesher haircut of some sort, finishing Neuromancer for the 4th time, then putting this record on and playing the old GURPS Cyberpunk rpg with some friends. Why don't you do that now?


  1. saw these dudes this year, the new PIGGY (R.I.P.) replacement was pretty on point, Dimension Hatross is my crack.....

  2. yeah, dimension hatross is excellent, this is the album that i first heard though. don't know what they sound like without Piggy...just doesn't seem right.

  3. Incredible. I never got to hear these guys as a young thrash fan, which was right about the time this album came out. Their later stuff never caught on with me. The guitar playing is great but energy of vocals and rhythm section, production on the drums (none of that crappy '80s thrash snare' a la Anthrax or, dare I say it, Metallica), and bass drum/guitar work just kill it.