Friday, November 26, 2010

The Call Of Cthulhu

Here is an adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecraft's best, the classic The Call Of Cthulhu. It is word for word the original text of the story, just in comic book form! This is from John Coulthart's graphic adaptation of Lovecraft stories entitled "The Haunter Of The Dark And Other Grotesque Visions", which is available here. This is the only adaptation I have seen from it, but the pictures on his website make it look really awesome, so I might have to get a copy of it. Just check out the picture of R'lyeh above, which looks alot better than this scanned .pdf file I share with you.


  1. That illustration is off the hook. Really reminds me of the work of Ian Miller who did the Tolkien Bestiary. I had a look through Coulthart's website just now, and it turns out he did the cover of one of the most fucked up books I've ever read: The Image Of The Beast/Blown by Philip José Farmer. (Published by Creation Books). Thanks for this Doug!

    haha word verification = sucks!

  2. heh.

    i haven't read much farmer, just Riders Of The Purple Wage and To Your Scattered Bodies Go and they were great. The library here has a huge best of with some short fiction and i think i'll check it out next.

  3. fuck yeah, dude! that drawing is bad as hell!!!

  4. PLEASE tell me you have scanned the rest of the book!