Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mental Shock - '09 Demo

Here is Mental Shock's 2009 demo. Mental Shock was a short lived band, playing 3-4 shows and recording this as our only legacy. M.S. was dave doing vocals, alex on guitar, neal on bass, and me on drums. this band was short lived because it was hard to practice, me and alex live in kingsport, dave in johnson city, and neal lived in virginia, which was where our practice space was also, and it was just hard to make the commute all the time. but here is this, 10 tracks, one instrumental, and one napalm death cover, as Mental Shock's lasting legacy.

we also recorded 3 songs in a studio but we STILL haven't gotten these from the guy who recorded them....if we ever get those i'll post them up here also. but for now.....

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