Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Fucker - "Maelstrom Of Decay" 7"

Yes, I know I keep slacking and not posting. well, sometimes i just don't know what to put up here, what to say, etc. I'll try to do better, but I'm not gonna promise anything.

Anyways, here is a 7" thats been on pretty heavy rotation here at Casa de Scummified. It is a 5 song assault from my friend Jesse and his band No Fucker. They released this 7", the "Conquer The Innocent" 7", a split 7" with the mighty Disclose, a demo, and maybe something else? They also had a song covered by Wolf Eyes and had their name mentioned in Spin once (hah!).

I love this record. check it out, maybe you will too.


  1. total discog:
    4 song 1st demo
    "Peace they hate the very word" demo
    "No flesh shall be spared" demo
    practice demo (10 copies maybe?)
    Split w/Disclose on Overthrow
    Split w/Disclose "No Real Music"
    this EP
    "Conquer the Innocent" EP
    3 songs on Chrome Hearts compilations
    one song on a peace punk comp I can't remember.
    couple more practice tapes/etc floating out there with mostly unreleased songs (I no longer have any)
    and the no Fucker/Kawakami jam session a/k/a Apolcayptic Disfuckerz aborted EP session

  2. damn, more than i thought. so there were 2 splits with Disclose? would love to hear the Apocalyptic Disfuckerz. make it happen.

  3. any chance of them doin a t shirt?

  4. napalm-I have a closet filled with old band shirts, email me and let me know what size you are looking for and I'll let you know what I've got.