Monday, April 26, 2010

Globsters - Skull Fuck Music (Demo 2010)

hot on the heels of his first 7", Hazard, KY's own immortal Adaam Hussein has released this, a 6 songs in under 7 minutes barrage of totally fucking awesome, couldn't give a shit what you think punk rock. this time around, it even sounds like Adaam has got a band behind his screamings about how he isn't afraid of freddy krueger, but hes absolutely terrified of you. features a Peter Stubb cover and a live version of "Pretty Women". fuckin' a, i love this shit.


  1. Doug, I really like that you're so into my shit. It makes me so happy. I actually didn't have a band behind me at all. I recorded all the instruments myself. I wish I had a band though. I think my ideas could reach out a little more. New demo soon and new patches too!

  2. well, i'm gonna definitely record some drums and send them to you.

  3. Awesome, I'll use them on my new songs. I wrote a song about my momma it's called "When I Win The Lottery...I'm Not Gonna Give You A GodDamn Bit!"