Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bastard Party - Demo '09

Here is Bastard Party's demo. Bastard Party was a one time project (actually this band lasted for maybe an hour) and too bad, they're like a fucking regional supergroup. Featuring members of Globsters, Queerwulf, Jacuzzi Suicide, Hadaka Matsuri, and others, these 3 songs are currently some of my favorite things to listen to. some of the punkest fucking punk rock ever. shit like this is what scummified is all about... guaranteed crowd pleaser's like "Gentlemen, Start Your Boners". get it now!

pack a bowl for Jesus!!


  1. wow. this is like the foreigner of punk.

  2. This shit is tight. Thanks, man!

    Loving the Robo Cop and Nightmare On Elmstreet soundtracks too!