Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Deep Red - Issues 1,2,5,6,7

Thanks to the magnificent Manchester Morgue blog, i am going to share with you all issues 1,2,5,6, and 7 of the long gone, much lamented DEEP RED magazine. Deep Red, to me, is THE horror magazine of all times. Fangoria might be all color these days, but they've sold out to the idea of mainstream horror, Rue Morgue is hit or miss, and i haven't even seen this new revival of GoreZone, with its Maxim-ish covers that just don't seem like they're for the true red horror fans. Well, to paraphrase Deep Red's editor, the late Chas Balun, DEEP RED delivers the fuckin' groceries and then some. In these issues you'll see interviews with Dario Argento, Giovanni Lombardo Radice (italian horror king!), Clive Barker, horror writer Shaun Hutson, the infamous Gore Score, articles on Goblin, Fulci, Paul Naschy, and more more more!!! This is for true horror fans, not these wimpy remake loving pseudo-horror fans!

Deep Red: It looks you in the eye....AND SPITS!!

As with the comics, you're gonna need a .cbr reader with these too.

P.S. - I have issue 3 of this magazine, one day i might scan it all for does have an excellent Tom Savini interview in it.


  1. Here's what you're missing:
    Deep Red 3
    Deep Red 4
    Deep Red Alert 1
    Deep Red Alert 2
    Deep Red Premiere
    Deep Red vol 2 no 1

  2. oh yes and
    Deep Red 15th Anniversary Special

    Deep Red Horror Handbook

    The are lousy camera "scans" but readable nonetheless. Not my links.