Monday, September 6, 2010

Reality Part 2

Here is one of the all around best hardcore compilation's that saw release during the 90's, the fantastic Reality Part 2. If you have no idea what this comp is about, lemme break down the bands to you....
Asshole Parade.Excruciating Terror. Dystopia. Infest. Despise You. Lack Of Interest. Gasp.Suppression. Noothgrush. No Comply. Spazz. Purgatoria. Man Is The Bastard. Capitalist Casualties. Stapled Shut. Enemy Soil. Evolved To Obliteration. Bad Acid Trip. C-###.

19 killer bands, 20 killer songs. I mean, really, this is one of the times where you can have both quality and quantity. Standout tracks, to me, are the Dystopia, Infest, L.O.I., Gasp, Spazz, Noothgrush, and Capitalist Casualties tracks. But listen and decide for yourself. Again, this compilation KILLS.

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  1. Nice--had this shit back in the day, bought it at random in 96. Someone stole it, but it had already launched my new musical direction. Thanks!