Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Left For Dead & Acrid - "Hacked To Pieces" Split LP

Here is one of the coolest looking records ever, the buzz saw shaped Left For Dead & Acrid split. Both bands are from Canada, but sound very different. Left For Dead rage through 9 tracks of pissed hardcore with some of the best lyrics ever and awesome double bass in parts, and Acrid tend to veer a little more towards the metal/grind side of hardcore with their 4 tracks. I like both bands, but it should be obvious that Left For Dead take this record.

The picture above is my copy of this split. i have no clue which pressing it is. anyone know?


  1. I don't know anything about the pressings, but as with most No Idea records there are about 1000 different color combos on this.

  2. NIR 043 - ACRID / LEFT FOR DEAD "Hacked to Pieces" 12"
    1st Pressing: 1,100 Gray (7/31/1997)
    2nd Pressing: 1,266 Pink (11/30/1997)
    3rd Pressing: 104 Yellow, 102 Gray, 104 Blue, 104 Red, 103 White, 104 Orange, 100 Pink, 104 Baby Blue, 108 Urine, 195 Green (1,128 total) (3/31/1998)
    4th Pressing: 1,024 Grayish-Green (8/31/1998)
    5th Pressing: 322 Opaque Purple, 314 Black (6/30/2000)
    All of these are shaped like a BUZZSAW!

    1. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the 2nd edition pink and the 3rd edition pink? I saw a picture of one that said it was the 2nd edition pink but looked more purple to me. I have a pink one but am stumped to which pressing it is.