Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memories Of A Lifetime - The Adam Brewer Story.

Here is something I've wanted to do with Scummified for a long time....post a movie. A few months ago, the Appalachian Media Institute made a short (9 min) documentary about Adam Brewer, the one man force of nature that is Globsters. He was recently kind enough to send me a copy, which I am now kind enough to share with you. This movie is 9 minutes long people, you have no excuse to not download it. It is Adam talking about all the things that make him a rad person, his love for his dogs, knives, punk rock, his like/dislike of the area he lives in, (I've lived in Hazard, KY too...and it sucks) and it is all interspersed with a little live footage (the hit "Pretty Women" is included).

I love Adam, and I love this documentary. I wish it could've been a little longer though, but that's alright. You must check this out, Globsters fan or not. It is nicely shot, short, and is a .avi file. Check it out.


  1. Why didn't anyone comment on this?
    I think Adam Brewer understands punk more than most people will understand anything.

  2. Maybe they're afraid of me and my knives? Or my attack dogs? I'm a nice feller I swear! I'm pretty pleased with how this movie turned out. The performance footage is from some of my best shows, Both are from Asheville NC.

    ILY so much Doug! You and lins are so nice to me! ILY too Kai!

  3. this is really really awesome. i had never heard of adam until tonight when i saw this video and this site was the first thing that turned up when i googled him after watching it - i've been in kentucky and a lot of people i met and saw there would be a lot better off if they were doing something like this. great stuff.

  4. I just discovered Globsters tonight and it is incredible music. This is the essence of rock 'n' roll. My dad and a lot of my extended family live in Hazard, so I get it, trust me. Adam, if you ever want to play/stay in Washington DC, you've got a place to stay. Pleas continue to keep rock and roll real.